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"Enamel is precious like crystal and hard stones: it does not age and will survive us"
Treatise on Painting by L. de Vinci



Yseult Seys

A former show ice skater, Yseult began her artistic career on stage and around the world. However, having always drawn, painted and made, she knew that something was attracting her to the creative arts. However she did not know that she would fall in love with enamel. It was during her creative experiences that Yseult discovered this ancestral craft and was convinced that she had found what she had been looking for for a long time.
Each stage was an arduous and fascinating discovery and made her want to go further. Self-taught, Yseult immersed himself with as much enthusiasm as with fears, in this discipline with techniques that seem infinite. First through the making of jewellery and then evolve to craft art by creating paintings with mixed techniques, thus reconnecting with drawing and painting. 
These ornaments, whose main pieces remain the enamelled pieces, offer her greater freedom of expression. Artistic and ideological. Because while her travels have offered her visual and emotional baggage and forged her personality, Yseult has always been focused on the animal kingdom. All animals inspire her at least respect and tenderness.
We find in her paintings her admiration for each species, however insignificant it may seem to the majority.
Even the cockroach has its place in the world.
According to yseult, it is already sad enough to have to kill animals to eat them, but it is intolerable to kill them mutilate torture on the pretext that it hinders or that they are considered inferior to the human, to consider them as a commodity. Trying not to pose as a lesson giver Yseult wants above all to show through her works the beauty, the majesty of the animals that live on the planet that we occupy, in order to remind the world and herself that it must be taken care of,
because we may not be the most indispensable of the earth.

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"It is by copying nature that you will find your personality... and copying nature does not consist of repeating it line by line."

Auguste Rodin



68 Rue Auguste Comte, 94120 Fontenay-sous-Bois, France


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